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WordPress Development 2017-12-08T21:28:29+00:00

Wordpress web design

Custom WordPress Development

At Brandnative, we are experts in?design and support for websites using a WordPress framework. Custom WordPress Development has recently exploded as the most popular open source solution that is used by many business websites. ?In fact, there are over 74 million active WordPress sites and that number is growing! ?Why are many businesses switching over to a WordPress site? ?Here are a few reasons: ?A user friendly admin panel that allows easy edits and the ability to add pages, a wide variety of available widgets that can be integrated in the WordPress platform, ability to easily integrate a blog, and a large resource of developers who understand the platform. ?At Brandnative, we can create custom designs for your business and easily integrate them into a WordPress framework.

Integrated Blog

WordPress first started out as a blogging platform and has grown into an open-sourced website themed community! ?With a blogging framework, business owners can utilize an ever expanding, content heavy, search engine friendly website. ?In the modern search rankings, content is King. ?Giving a business an easily updated and visually pleasing way to generate content for their website is a huge benefit of WordPress.

Custom Backend

If you are looking to create a custom website that can update events and information easily, then a WordPress site is a great way to go! ?With a little training from our experts in Brandnative we can set you up to be the master of your website! ?Empowering you to quickly create image and text changes on any page of your site. ?Don’t settle for a template or theme, let us create a custom WordPress website for your business today. ?For a free quote and to see if WordPress is the right solution for you,?contact our experts today at 303.285.0615 for more information.