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Why Your Template Website is Hurting Your Practices’ Conversion Rates

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Why Your Template Website is Hurting Your Practices’ Conversion Rates

Whether you are a Dentist, Chiropractor, Orthodontist, or any other type of medical practice, finding new patients for your practice is a competitive process.? Referrals will always be a primary source for finding new patients whether it comes from the insurance companies, patients, or even other practices.? However, many people are still going online to find their next doctor.? Let’s say for argument purposes that your website is already found through SEO (an assumption that for most practices is not the case).

Studies on Google have told us 92% of all search traffic doesn’t go past the first page of the search results, and that the top 3 results account for over 50% of all clicks on the first page. ?A person looking for a new practice will usually look at three different practices on average before making a decision. ?So what goes into their decision making? ?We have found that when it comes to medical practices, being personable is the most important decision making factor even above pricing. ?What do we mean by being personable? ?A potential patient wants to see the doctors, staff, facilities, and get a good inside look.

Sadly, many dentists and other medical practices rely on a website designed by one of their software programs filled with stock photos and canned content. ?Even many custom designed websites rely too heavily on stock photos. ?These sites can even look great from a visual standpoint, but can hurt your conversion rates. ?This is a simple yet often overlooked fix that can really make a difference.

Look at it from the point of view from a potential client. ?Site A has a nice looking website, but stock photos. ?Site B has photos of the practice and doctors, custom banners, and even a video showing the practice and interviewing the doctor. ?Site B lets the potential patient pier into the doctors office without any pressure. ?Site A lets the potential patient see services, but doesn’t really let them know anything about the practice. ?You need more than a page that talks about the Doctors and staff. ?Updating your pictures and banners will present a uniform brand which will stand out from the competition. ?Your Web Design needs more than just a good user interface. ?You need custom touches that will leave a lasting impression because chances are, your potential patient will be looking at 2 other competitors. ?Making your site personable will increase conversion rates. ?Here is a list of?ways that you can increase conversions on your website:

  • Use photos of your staff and office
  • Have a graphic designer create custom banners
  • Have an explainer video on your site
  • Use a Custom Web Designer instead of a template
  • Create call to actions on most pages
  • Highlight a special offer
  • Use real patient testimonials

Using these will really help make your site more personable and increase conversions. ?Would you like a free consultation on how to make your site more personable? ?Fill out the form to the right and?one of our experts will review your site for free.

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