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Have a Webmaster Work for You

Lets face it, being a business owner tends to make updating your website seem like an unimportant task or is often continually put off. ?Updating your site can also seem overwhelming or complex to many business owners. ?That is why we have recently come up with three webmaster pacakges that allow you to focus on your core business, and leave the website maintenance and updates up to us. ?With our webmaster packages, you get unlimitted small edits each month to your website. ?Need to update your portfolio, change a picture, change colors, update text, or anything else? ?Then all you need to do is email your webmaster and the changes will be done within 48 hours and in most cases will be updated the same day. ?Let us manage your website and?website’s content?and breathe fresh life into your site. ?If not handled correctly, not updating your?website can have negative effects on your SEO. ?We make sure to handle this process with care and precision. ?With the experts at brandnative you have no reason to fear damaging your SEO! ?Our experts?become a virtual employee at rates you won’t believe.

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Fixing Your Website

Is your website in need of repair? ?There is nothing more frustrating than having a website that is not working properly. ?At Brandnative, we can fix your website or make recommendations for additional options. ?When we fix a website we bill hourly at an affordable rate.

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