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On Location 2017-12-08T21:28:28+00:00

Professional Business Video

On Location Video Shooting

Let us come to you for your business video project! At Brandnative we are fully equipped with a mobile light studio and backdrop kit to bring the video shoot to you. On site video production allows us to shots of your actual building and employees, action shots, and b-roll. ?It is a great way to let potential customers see your facilities and staff before getting there. ?This will help to build credibility and increase conversions on your website. ?Our backdrop kit includes the ability to green screen, white screen, or black screen. ?On location video shooting is great for many types of businesses including medical, dental, hotels (service industry) restaurants, real estate, catering, and more.


Along with the light studio and backdrop kick, our team will bring top of the line audio to make sure that a professional sound accompanies your video. ?We use multiple devices to obtain your audio in order to have multiple sources to use for your video. ?Professional voice overs are also available.

Booking our Team

On site video shooting is included in many video services including explainer videos. ?We can also be booked for by the hour for corporate events, Bring a professional video team on-location to shoot your next video project. For more information about how to hire our videographer team, please call us at 303.285.0615. ?For best chances of being able to book our team, please reserve your date in advance. ?If you need us to travel outside of 2 hours, additional pricing will be applied and negotiated up front. ?Our team has traveled across the US for business video production.