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How to Buy SEO, and Why You’re Doing it Wrong

//How to Buy SEO, and Why You’re Doing it Wrong

How to Buy SEO, and Why You’re Doing it Wrong

You Need to Buy SEO…Now What?

SEO is still the undisputed king for conversion ROI. ?SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate which slaughters print and direct mail which maintain?a 1.7% close rate (source: Hubspot).?You’re company needs it, wants it, and has possibly tried to get it in the past. ?When you are looking to buy SEO, there are some?common mistakes to avoid that I have seen?businesses do wrong time and time again.

The biggest mistake that companies make when they look to buy SEO is that they make price the number 1 factor in making a decision. ?I get it… you have a budget, you are afraid of being burned, or you just are not convinced that it will make your money. ?Here is what the average person does when they shop?for SEO and the mistake they make:

1) You will reach out to 3-5 seo companies either by googling them, getting a referral, or finding a list of vendors.

2) You will ask for prices?and?subscription terms.

3) Some SEO companies will even give you an audit of your website. ?This is a good thing because it shows you that they are invested and actually look at your website.

4) You will ask questions and want SEO explained to you. ?This can be a good thing, but you need to be careful as you probably will not understand what they are talking about.

5) You make a decision by going with the cheapest offer on the table. ?Here in lies the mistake that is made over and over again when people buy SEO.

Buying SEO by price is a safe bet to ensure that your results are not going to be very good. ?Let me put it simply folks. ?The cheaper the SEO is, the less likely you are going to get found. ?Businesses that spend $300 on their SEO get upset when nothing seems to be happening. ?How much time do you think a SEO company will spend on your website when you are paying them $300 a month. ?The answer is not a lot. ?Real SEO is hard work, and requires time and resources.

There are lots of companies that offer cheap SEO. ?These companies usually have programs that write your meta tags, and their back linking is either non existent or uses the same directories and sites over and over again. ?These companies do not address the Panda updates and possibly can set you up for a Penguin penalty. ?If you focus on price alone, you lose sight of what is really important. ?What is my return on investment going to be and what is being done to my site? ?It truly doesn’t matter how much you spend as long as you make money. ?If you buy adwords on a regular basis, you understand the value of traffic. ?How much could you save if you were not paying for those keywords?

Shopping to Buy SEO

Why Good SEO Costs More

Good SEO is true PR. ?SEO is about providing customers with unique and helpful content. ?Quality is everything. ?If you are paying more for SEO but the SEO company is doing a great job, it is worth every penny. ?A basic SEO subscription might include some directory listings, some onsite seo, and possibly some backlinks. ?The number of links is not as important as the quality of links. Google wants to see that industry leading sites are linking to you as a resource. ?A link from a source like that is going to go a lot further than a link from your friends cookie website.

When my company performs SEO, we invest a lot of time and resources into your site through press releases, web 2.0 properties, build directories, write guest posts on industry sites with domain authority of 10+, 20+, 30+ and even 40+. ?We even build backlinks to your backlinks. ?The guest posts we right are articles that help establish you as an industry expert. ?It is difficult getting links from quality sites so if you can find an SEO?company that does this, you will be in good hands. ?Discounted SEO will not do any of this. ?The links are mostly directories or low quality links. ?1 good link is worth more than 100 bad ones.

Discounted SEO also does not look at your site to see if you have a Panda or Penguin penalty. ?Sometimes, we need to disavow links in order to avoid a penalty. ?All of these things take time. ?Good SEO will get results and help you keep results. ?When looking for an SEO company you need to find one that is accountable with reporting, can prove the back linking, and can build a custom plan for your site. ?You do not need a template approach to your SEO.

If you would like a SEO audit of your website or would like to find out about our SEO services, please call 303-285-0615 today. ?We might not be the cheapest when you want to buy SEO, but we will get you results.


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