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Don’t Have Time For Your Digital Marketing?

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Don’t Have Time For Your Digital Marketing?

This is another statement that I hear a lot from our chiropractors and dentists. They are busy running an office and practice and truly don’t have time for their digital marketing efforts. ?Digital marketing is time consuming and more importantly if done wring it can be a major drain on company resources and time.


Now, most chiropractors and dentists truly do not have the time allocated to their day for digital marketing. However most understand the importance of it. Even if you hire a marketing firm to do your digital marketing for your company you will still want to make sure that they are:

Reporting their findings, work log and upcoming efforts weekly or monthly

Communicating with your team effectively (this one is important)

Getting their work done on time

Are transparent

Good at what they do

Keep themselves accountable with time based metrics

This list is only 6 items long but finding a company that is good with their commutation is hard enough, sometimes I have a hard time finding someone who can meet all 6 requirements when I am looking at software vendors or services for my company.


If you are in the process of looking for a digital marketing company, make sure you do your homework first. Do they have bad reviews online? Do they have case studies? Does your gut tell you that they can do everything they said they would do for you? How are their prices? Too low? If too low, what makes you think that you are not getting the exact same thing that everyone else is getting from that company. To be truly effective online and constantly in front of your prospects minds you will need to make sure you online marketing recipe is not the same as your competitors, otherwise it is just noise.
When I hear someone say this statement I typically ask what they are doing about it. If their answer is lukewarm or mediocre then I know that we probably would not a good fit to work together. When we bring on a client to work on their digital marketing efforts we are essentially entering into a partnership with that client for the continued success of their business.


Not having time for your digital marketing is normal because it is a fulltime job itself but just because you don’t have the time does not mean that you can’t get it done for you. You just need to make sure you have the right partner. Feel free to contact us today to see if you are the right fit for you. Even if we are not I will be more than happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

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About the Author:

Nick Dafni
Nick Dafni owns and opperates a digital marketing agency called Brandnative. Brandnative specializes in Web Design and online marketing strategies including SEO, email, social, and PPC. For a free website or marketing consultation, or for more information, visit www.wwxx3.com