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Content Writing 2017-12-08T21:28:28+00:00

Custom Content Writing

Custom Content Writing

If you purchased a site through a template company, chances are good that it came with canned content. ?At first glance this might seem like a blessing but this canned content must be changed. ?Your business is unique, so why have content that hundreds of other sites have? ?Good content will engage your audience and build credibility.

In today’s Search Engines, Content is King.? Google recently?came out with some major updates and changes that kept SEO firms on their toes.? The Panda and Penguin updates, along with Hummingbird, have left many people with lost rankings and frustrations a plenty.? If you have a third party doing your SEO, make sure to ask them how these changes have and are effecting your campaigns.? Many Search results did not change too much, but it is still important to make sure that your SEO efforts are not still doing the things Google has penalized.

But where do you begin? ?Writing quality, engaging, and frequently released content is a unique and hard burden to carry while running a business. ?Let the content experts at Brandnative carry that burden for you so you can get back to doing what you love. ?Our content writers include former editors of magazines and published authors. ?It doesn’t matter if your site is technology based or something more simple, our team of writers will provide quality and engaging content for your site. ?Allow us to do a content audit on your current website! ?We will rewrite old SEO content written for search engines instead of individuals.


Every business website needs to look at their site as not only a place for sales, but also a place to educate and provide value to existing clients.? Most companies do this through blogging.? Google has really placed an emphasis on providing quality content for potential buyers. ?Make sure to write content for people, and not content for search engines.? Educating your clients builds rapport and credibility that you know what you’re talking about.? Your website shouldn’t just constantly be trying to sell your product or service.? Lead conversion is important but so is educating potential clients. ?A lot of companies do not have time or the resources for posting blogs on a regular basis. ?Guest blogging is a great solution for busy business owners. ?If you need quality content for your blog, try out our content writing services

For more information about writing content for your business and a free no obligation quote, please call us at 303.285.0615.