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5 Ways to Gather in More Leads For Your Chiropractic Clinic

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5 Ways to Gather in More Leads For Your Chiropractic Clinic

I am constantly asked by our clients on how to gather in more leads online. Online lead generation is an important part of your marketing strategy and should not be ignored.

When we are looking to build a lead funnel for a client we first start to ask some very basic questions like:


What is the life time value of the customer for you? This will help us know the CPA (Cost Per Customer Acquisition). This is an extremely important metric to know and understand as it will be the measuring point as the campaign progresses. The goal of any campaign is to decrees the CPA and increase the leads coming in.

What are your current marketing channels? Are you currently invested in SEO? PPC? Email? Social? Which of these services are working for you? Which are draining your time and resources without giving anything of value back to you? ?We want to see what tools we have to work with. If you have a existing client email database then setting up a drip email campaign might be the best way to increase your lead flow with a low budget spend.

What are your competitors doing to generate leads online? This is a important questions for 2 separate reasons. Frist, we would like to know what is working. If you see a lot of your competitors doing video ads then there is probably a reason why. If they are solely focused with normal search PPC then there is probably a reason for that as well. The other reason is because would like to know if your audience is overly advertised to. If all of your competitors are doing the exact same advertising method to your potential client’s, then it would not make sense to take the same tactics that the others are using.


Once we have a situational analysis of your case then we would start looking to see where we could “win” as fast as possible. Here are 5 ways that we have generated leads for our chiropractor clients.

Make sure that you are on “Google My Business” AKA Google Maps. This is important because its relatively easy to pop up there faster than on the first page if your area is competitive.

Video marketing. This is probably one of the easiest ways to generate leads quickly, it is also one of the most looked over. Youtube is the second biggest search engine. The other reason for this suggestion is that it is also pretty easy to rank a Youtube video as well.

Email marketing. I know this one is old school but it is still one of the most cost effective ways to gain more sells and leads. If you have a client list already in place email out about a referral program give them some incentive to share your business and your services with their friends that might use your services.

PPC, yes it is expensive and yes it does work. Remember when I mentioned that “CPA” metric? This is one of the main reasons why. If a average client gains you $1500 in profit and your average CPA is around $1000 then you netted $500.? Now I know that is not that exciting. There is a lot of work that goes into getting that $500 but the goal is to delight your client with your service so they use you for more than just that first service. If you get more and more business out of one client, then PPC make a lot of sense for you. If you usually only get 1 visit from 1 client for your practice, then deeper issues are in your clinic and it may be too early to start looking at PPC.


Not all of these tactics will be a magical answer to every chiropractor out there because each office is different and is a different location with different competitors. There are some variables that you would want to figure out to see what makes the most sense for your business.


If you would like help figuring out what makes the most sense for your particular locations just let me know and I will see what we can do for you.

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Nick Dafni
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